We know there’s a lot of information out there, when it comes to workouts, diet, nutrition, recovery, supplements just to name a few. How do you figure out what's legitimate and what's simply marketing hype? Well hopefully we can help this process. Here you'll find our thoughts on the some of the most popular and important aspects of health, fitness and nutrition, what’s new that we’re learning, that we think is worth looking into, what things are hot in the industry that maybe we aren’t huge fans of and why we think so.

When Is Enough Too Much?

November 23, 2019

You don’t get better from training. You get better by RECOVERING from training. Training is a stressor on your body but is a needed stress to tell your body it needs to rebuild back better. In this day and age though we tend to see a lot of people over doing it and over training or under recovering (depending on how you look at it). Why is this a bad thing? Well if you don’t recover from your previous training it’s basically breaking down your body over and over again where you will eventually see bad things happen. From affecting your sleep, energy, mood, performance, aches and pains, increased risk for injury, and what I consider to possibly the worst thing is mess with your hormones. Not giving your body the time and resources it needs to rebuild and repair itself stronger means your body will never fully realize the full potential from that workout stress you put on it. This also causes your muscle to be overly tight which could pull your body out of alignment causing more force stress and issues when you train or go through every day life. We’ve noticed a lot of people’s issues can be directly linked to over training/ under recovering. Shoulder, back, knee pain from tight muscles pulling the joint out of alignment to trouble seeing changes in body composition or other health issues due hormones being out of whack from the stress of over training (which can affect the thyroid, increase cortisol levels, cause metabolic disorders) are just some of the big things caused by over training and under recovering. So what are the warning signs or what can be done to prevent this? If you notice that you are constantly tired, having trouble sleeping, getting sick a lot, not seeing progress in your strength training, or sore all the time you could be over training and/or under recovering. What are some ways we can help to recover better? Nutrition (meals as well as recovery shakes), rest/ sleep quality, using things like Heart Rate Variability to measure readiness for training, Red Light therapy, Compression Therapy, Cold Tubs, walking, Cardiac Output training and most importantly diaphragmatic breathing are just some of the many ways in which to help move your body over from a sympathetic (fight or flight) system of high stress over to a parasympathetic (rest, digest, and recover) which speeds up the recovery and healing process. We try to educate and help our members use as many modalities as they are open to which helps them prevent over training and speed up recovery. This will lead to better results as they will be able to fit in more as well as higher quality training sessions if they body is recovering quicker than someone who is not. RP~11/19