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At Fitness HI we know the industry can be over whelming. What products truly work and should I be using and what is really just marketing hype or a fad? We think finding the right products for your health is crucial so we have given you exactly what we believe in, recommend to our members and fully stand behind. Shop Fitness HI to help you cut through the BS and find the right product that fits your fitness goals, needs and budget. Our Online Products Catalog will be here soon!

WHY JOIN Fitness HI?

There are many factors that create a successful fitness program. At Fitness HI we believe it’s more than what you eat and how often you work out,
it’s about the quality, more than the quantity. Our members receive a comprehensive approach that helps them learn about proper nutrition combined
with a fitness program customized to their age, level, and ability and backed by science and technology.
As members progress, their program evolves too and optimizes their training results.

Fitness HI ~ "Changing the Way Fitness Gets Done"

Cardiovascular Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Low Intensity Cardio (Cardiac Output)

Next Level Nutrition

Supplements (Thorne Research & Swiig)
Precision Nutrition Based Habits


Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)
Vibration Massage (Hypervolt)

Strength Training

Metabolic Resistance Training
TRX, Ultimate Sandbags, Kettlebells

In-Depth Functional Assessments

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
Original Strength (OSSA)

All About Fitness HI

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Fitness HI LIFE

We’re constantly training, learning and improving on our fitness, recovery and nutrition systems. This way we can bring you the latest things in the industry that has been proven to be successful in helping our members get to their fitness goals safely and in the most direct method possible. No more guessing and hoping to see a result for all the effort you put in. Here is a few of our dedicated members immersed in our Fitness HI culture!

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we know your time is extremely valuable we’ve put together a bunch of the most asked questions and their answers to hopefully help you.


It’s proven that people tend to stick to exercise longer when in a group, but traditionally group exercise was a one-size-fits-all option. At Fitness HI we offer the best of both worlds, an individualized program that takes into account your specific medical history and fitness goals with the exercise conducted in a social group setting for support and motivation. It’s a team approach customized to individuals. Combine that together with our science-based approach and our attention to the details of proper exercise technique has created a safe way for our members to get the results they desire.

Classes Only Membership

(x's 12 months)
  • Making you exhausted or seeing how many calories you can burn in an hour isn’t the focus of our classes.
  • Keeping your body safe, reducing your risk of injury, making you better, more mobile, stronger, and increasing your calorie burn for longer than just the time you’re working out are our main focuses with our group classes. Designed to be as efficient as possible so you can get the most bang for your buck with your spent is class is how we design them. Come workout in the most effective group exercises class Oahu has to offer rather than killing yourself for an hour or more and hoping you burned enough calories.

Semi Private Coaching

(x's 12 months)
  •  •  Individualized Exercise Program
  •  •  4 Coaching Sessions Per Month
  •  •  Unlimited Open Gym
  •  •  Unlimited Group Class Access
  •  •  Individualized Nutrition Coaching

One on One Training

  •  •  $495.00 - 1 on 1 @ 1 time per week
  •  •  $895.00 - 1 on 1 @ 2 time per week
  •  •  $1279.00 - 1 on 1 @ 3 time per week
  •  •  Nutrition Coaching
  •  •  In-depth Custom Movement Screen
  •  •  Unlimited Open Gym
  •  •  Unlimited Group Class Access
  • In Depth Screens per Workout (As Required)


Satisfaction Guaranteed


Made in Hawaii


Designed With Aloha


Backed With Science

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We know there’s a lot of information out there, when it comes to workouts, diet, nutrition, recovery, supplements just to name a few. How do you figure out what's legitimate and what's simply marketing hype? Well hopefully we can help this process. Here you'll find our thoughts on the some of the most popular and important aspects of health, fitness and nutrition, what’s new that we’re learning, that we think is worth looking into, what things are hot in the industry that maybe we aren’t huge fans of and why we think so.

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